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Connect+ Network:
Your Gateway to Healthcare Data Insights

Welcome to the Connect+ Network, the second tier of our trusted source for research-ready healthcare data. With our comprehensive metadata catalog and diverse data sources, we revolutionize healthcare research. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities.

Metadata Catalog

Research-Ready Data

Explore a comprehensive catalog of research-ready healthcare data from our trusted data suppliers.

Detailed Descriptions

Access detailed metadata descriptions for each dataset to find the data that matches your research needs with ease.

Easy Discovery

Effortlessly find the data you need with our intuitive catalog interface.

Diverse Data Sources


Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Access a wealth of patient data from electronic health records for your research projects.


Medical Imaging

Unlock the power of medical imaging data for advanced analysis and diagnosis.



Utilize genomic data to unravel the mysteries of genetic disorders and personalized medicine.

Data Valuation

Unlock Value

Understand the true value of each dataset with our expert data valuation services.

Informed Decisions

Make informed decisions on data licensing and collaborations based on accurate valuation.

Data Privacy

Rest easy knowing that all data transactions are secure and compliant with data protection policies.

Collaboration Opportunities


Connect with Experts

Collaborate with data suppliers, SME partners, and fellow data consumers to foster research collaborations.


Data-Driven Research

Advance healthcare by leveraging the power of data-driven research and insights.


Technical Support

Access technical support and guidance for seamless data integration into your research projects.

Why Choose Connect+ Network

Access a Vast Array of Data

Empower your research with access to a wide range of healthcare data for comprehensive analysis.

Detailed Metadata Descriptions

Ensure data quality and relevance through detailed metadata descriptions for confident decision-making.

Secure Research Collaborations

Collaborate with experts and like-minded organizations in a secure environment to drive impactful research.

Get Started with Connect+ Network

Join the Connect+ Network today and unlock a world of healthcare data possibilities. Contact our team to learn more and start your journey with Connect+ Network.

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