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Unlocking the Power of Health Data

The Connect+ Marketplace consists of three tiers, each serving a distinct purpose. The Connect+ Exchange facilitates data transactions, the Connect+ Network enhances data discovery with metadata catalogs, and the upcoming Connect+ Cohort focuses on patient level access to research-ready data. Together, they create a vibrant ecosystem where health data is shared, understood, and harnessed for meaningful healthcare advancements.


Connect+ Exchange:

Unlocking Data Potential


The Connect+ Exchange serves as the entry point to the Connect+ Health Data Ecosystem, where data suppliers and data consumers come together to exchange valuable healthcare data. It's the marketplace's beating heart, facilitating data transactions and collaborations. Here, data suppliers offer diverse datasets, including electronic health records (EHRs), imaging data, omics, registries, and more, making them accessible to data consumers. The Exchange focuses on data liquidity, enabling quick and secure data sharing. It's a dynamic hub for healthcare organizations seeking to tap into the wealth of real-world data. In summary, the Connect+ Exchange is where data flows freely, sparking innovation and insights.


Connect+ Network:

Metadata-Driven Insights


The Connect+ Network extends beyond data transactions, providing a comprehensive metadata catalog. It's the place where data suppliers showcase their research-ready datasets, complete with detailed metadata descriptions. Data consumers can explore these catalogs to discover datasets aligned with their research goals. This tier acts as a bridge, connecting the right data consumers with the most relevant data suppliers. It fosters a deeper understanding of available data, promoting transparency and informed decisions. The Connect+ Network is the knowledge hub of the Connect+ Health Data Ecosystem, ensuring that every data interaction begins with well-informed choices.


Connect+ Cohort:

Launching in 2024

Launching in 2024, Connect+ Cohort is the future of healthcare research. It's a specialized tier within the Connect+ Health Data Ecosystem, designed to provide access to rich cohorts of research-ready data. This tier empowers researchers and healthcare institutions with access to carefully curated datasets tailored to specific research needs. It's a game-changer for those seeking well-defined patient populations and cohorts for in-depth studies. Connect+ Cohort is a testament to the Connect+ Network's commitment to evolving healthcare research, offering curated data sets to drive transformative discoveries. While it's not yet available, it represents a promising step forward in the pursuit of groundbreaking research.

The Connect+ Marketplace is Powered by Axiomedix Inc.

At Axiomedix, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare on a global scale by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through the power of data. Our mission is to reshape the healthcare landscape, both domestically and internationally, and ensure that every individual's health needs are accurately represented, regardless of their circumstances, background or location. 

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