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Connect+ Exchange:
Your Gateway to Data Collaboration

Welcome to Connect+ Exchange, the entry point of our data collaboration network. With Connect+ Exchange, your organization can unlock the value of healthcare data, empowering you to drive research and innovation in the healthcare industry.

Find Diverse Healthcare Datasets


Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Comprehensive EHR datasets to gain insights into patient demographics, medical history, and treatment outcomes.


Medical Imaging

Unlock the potential of medical imaging datasets, including X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, to support advanced diagnostics and treatment planning.



Delve into genomic datasets to study genetic variations, understand disease mechanisms, and develop personalized treatments.



Access comprehensive registries to study population health trends, monitor disease outcomes, and track the effectiveness of interventions.

Unlock the Value of Healthcare Data

Data Valuation Services

Make informed decisions about data licensing and collaborations through our comprehensive data valuation services that assess the quality, relevance, and potential impact of available datasets.

Flexible Licensing Agreements

Explore flexible licensing agreements to access data on a pay-per-use basis, allowing you to leverage valuable datasets without long-term commitments.

Data Supplier Catalog

Easily find datasets with our user-friendly data supplier catalog, providing detailed descriptions of available datasets to help you select the right datasets for your research.

Collaborate for Data-Driven Research


Connect with SME Partners

Build research collaborations by connecting with subject matter experts (SMEs) specialized in various healthcare domains. Collaborate on innovative projects that can drive transformation in patient care.


Data Access and Integration

Partner with data consumers who can provide insights into data access and integration, ensuring seamless data workflows and efficient utilization of valuable healthcare data.


Technical Support

Count on our technical support team to guide you through data integration and analysis processes, ensuring that you can leverage the full potential of healthcare data in your research.

Why Choose Connect+ Exchange

Accelerate Healthcare Research and Innovation

Gain access to valuable healthcare data to drive your research forward, enabling breakthroughs and advancements in medical science.

Enhance Patient Care and Outcomes

Utilize diverse datasets to improve patient care, optimize treatment strategies, and work towards better health outcomes for individuals and communities.

Secure Collaboration Environment

Collaborate with like-minded organizations in a secure environment, protecting data privacy and fostering a culture of ethical data utilization.

Insights through Data Valuation

Make informed decisions about data licensing and collaborations with the support of data valuation services that assess the true value and potential of available datasets.

Start Your Journey Today

Join Connect+ Exchange now to unlock the power of healthcare data collaboration and accelerate your organization's impact in the field of healthcare.

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