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Connect+ Health Data Ecosystem
Unlocking Health Insights for All

The Connect+ Health Data Ecosystem provides access to the diverse health data that is crucial for better healthcare and precision medicine for all

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The Power of Diverse Health Data

Diversity matters in health data. Our platform champions inclusivity and equity, ensuring that every patient's unique background and experiences are reflected in the data. Join us in reshaping healthcare by exploring our network of rich, diverse health data.

Doctor and Patient

A Collaborative Ecosystem

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The Ethics of Data Stewardship


Diverse Data

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our platform. Every patient's unique experience is reflected in our data marketplace.


Data Security

We take data security and governance seriously, ensuring that sensitive health information is kept secure and confidential.


Data Custodianship

We believe in maintaining data custodianship and control for data suppliers while amplifying their impact on healthcare.


Data Privacy

Connect+ is committed to ethical data stewardship and transparency in data use, leveraging technology to empower data consumers while respecting patient privacy.

Innovating in Health Analytics


Connect+ empowers collaboration between data consumers, suppliers, and SME partners, driving innovation in health analytics.


We believe that every patient's unique experience and background should be reflected in healthcare data, driving innovation in precision medicine.


Our platform champions inclusivity and equity, ensuring that everyone has access to diverse health insights.

Pioneering the Future of Healthcare

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Empowering the Healthcare Ecosystem


Discover new insights in healthcare data through our collaborative platform.

Clinical Practice

Use Connect+ insights to drive precision medicine for better health outcomes.

Public Health

Transform healthcare for better health equity and societal impact at scale.

Our Values


Our network celebrates diversity in all forms and is committed to creating inclusive opportunities for all members


We strive for equity in every project and partnership, ensuring that everyone has access to the opportunities we offer

All are welcome in the Connect+ Network, and we actively seek out and welcome voices from communities that have been historically underrepresented

The Connect+ Health Data Ecosystem is Powered by Axiomedix Inc.

At Axiomedix, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare on a global scale by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through the power of data. Our mission is to reshape the healthcare landscape, both domestically and internationally, and ensure that every individual's health needs are accurately represented, regardless of their circumstances, background or location. 

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